Open Schools

I have long been an advocate for open government.  In fact in 2011, the Sunlight Foundation, a national organization promoting openness in Government, named me one of the "Open Government Champions" for my bipartisan work protecting the Government Records and Management Act.

I believe that those open government principles should apply to government like Granite School Boards.  That is why I propose the following:

*Live Streaming/Recording Today, technology exists to cheaply and effectively live stream the monthly school board meetings, whether it's via YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or other social media sites.  These services also record as you broadcast, and allow an instant posting of that recording, meaning that school board meetings can be available for any interested citizen 24/7.

*Campaign Finance Reform Current Salt Lake County election laws allow any candidate who intends to spend less than $2,000 to avoid filing financial disclosures until after voters have received their ballots.  I believe that every dollar a candidate raises should be reported, and I am already working with the County Council to change this law.