Building Schools

Granite School District is undergoing a dramatic period of building, rebuilding or renovating a large number of our schools.  As we undergo this process, we need to focus on the following:

*Teacher input/teachable classrooms. Out teachers need to have input in the design phase of our new school buildings.  We need to make sure that these spaces are the most conducive for our children to learn in.

*Minimal disruption to education.  Construction work should have as little impact on the day to day business of the school.  This includes not moving students from the old school to the new school during the school year, if possible.

*Green opportunities. As mentioned in my "Green Schools" policy, we need to focus on making our schools as environmentally sustainable as possible. this includes the use of solar as well as recycled materials where feasible.

*Fair labor practices. We must ensure that our contractors and subcontractors use labor hired on a W2, not a 1099.  This ensures that workers are eligible for workers' compensation if they get hurt on the job, in addition to access to health care and other benefits for them and their families.  Many of the construction workers at our building sites are parents of our students.  By protecting these workers, we are protecting our students.