Kindergarten Placement Uncertainty Makes Childcare Difficult

This week, incoming Kindergarten students in Granite School District will be headed to their new schools for testing. This testing will be used to place students based on their current knowledge, to help them with their first, and one of the most important, year of schooling. Parents will find out the identity of their child's teacher and whether their kid is going to school in the morning or afternoon on Friday, August 10.  Kindergarteners start school on August 23.

Over the course of campaigning, I've spoken to a few parents of Kindergarteners who are concerned about this timeline.  As is the case with many families today, especially in Precinct 5, these parents need to fine childcare for the hours their Kindergartener is not at school.  With such short notice, these parents are have to make multiple arrangements knowing they will have to cancel one set of plans.  This also makes it difficult for professional child-care providers, as they don't know what their case load will be in a couple short weeks.  In at least one case, the parent won't have to worry about childcare if they get afternoon Kindergarten, but their school won't let them make a request for afternoon classes. If they get morning a class, they need to the go out and find childcare, since both parents will be at work in the afternoon. 

This is a problem that needs to be looked at. These parents feel like they are getting a deaf ear trying to communicate their concerns to their schools and to the district.  If elected, I will not only listen to these concerns, I will work toward finding that work best for parents and teachers, while also doing what's best for student's education.