Online Registration? It's about time.

Recently, I had a voter approach me with an issue.  Her child is entering the 6th grade in one of our Granite District schools, the same school he has attended since Kindergarten. The only option is for a parent to show up in person to register him.

Like most families in Granite School District, especially in Precinct 5, this mother has a full-time job.  Fortunately, she has a job that will allow her to take a half-day of PTO to register her son. Many parents don't really have that luxury, so they have to scramble to either trade shifts or sacrifice a day of pay just to register their children.  When you live paycheck-to-paycheck, losing a day of pay is an impossible challenge.

In 2018, this quandary is unfathomable. There should be an option to register your student online, at a time that is convenient to you and your work schedule. Especially if your student is returning to the same school he has attended for years.

The parents of Granite School District deserve better. The citizens of West Valley City deserve a representative that will work for modern solutions to our problems. If elected to the school board, I will have open communication with my constituents, and make efforts to find solutions to make education open and accessible for everyone.

When your ballot arrives in the mail this fall, vote Bob Aagard for Granite School Board.