Campaign Finance

All candidates in Salt Lake County had to file the first campaign finance disclosure for 2018. Click here to view my disclosure. I am a strong advocate for the public knowing the source every dollar that a candidate receives and spends for his or her campaign.

I would link to my opponent's disclosure, but he doesn't have one.  He filed a Small Budget Campaign Certificate.  Candidates can file such a certificate if they intend on spending less than $2,000 over the course of the campaign. It means that they don't have to file any other disclosures until 7 days before election day.  That's TWO WEEKS AFTER voters will get their ballots in the mail.

That's right -- voters will be casting their ballots without being able to see who donated to donated to one of the candidates.

What's interesting is that in the previous two election cycles Terry H Bawden, who was unopposed in both elections, filed each and every disclosure, even though this small balance option was available.  That's right, even though he didn't spend a penny outside of the $50 filing fee, he still filed each and every disclosure.

But now? Nothing.

What is Terry Bawden hiding? Or, is he enough of a technophobe that he can't file a simple disclosure form?